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casino games online

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Hindu Mahasabha threatens to install Krishna idol in Mathura mosque, says it's deity's birthplace

The Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha has announced that it will install an idol of Lord Krishna at the deity’s “actual birthplace”, which it claims is in the mosque close to a prominent temple here. Hindu Mahasabha leader Rajyashri Choudhary said the idol will be installed after a “maha jalabhishek” on December 6 to “purify” the place.

The date picked by the right-wing organization marks the demolition in 1992 of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, the site of a temple-mosque dispute.

The Mahasabha threat to perform the ritual inside the Shahi Idgah comes at a time when the local courts are hearing a series of petitions seeking the “removal" of the 17th-century mosque, close to the Katra Keshav Dev temple.

Hindu Mahasabha leader Rajyashri Choudhary, however, denied there was any link between the 1992 event and the organization’s Mathura plan.

Water from the holy rivers will be brought for the "maha jalabhishek", she said. “We so far have got political freedom, but spiritual, economic, and cultural freedom is yet to be achieved,” Choudhary said. 

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According to him, it is apparent for businesses that the traditional physical way of doing business needs a major overhaul. Hence, an increasing number of businesses are now turning to digital medium to get closer to the consumer and serve them better.

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After the initial slowdown, businesses are finally picking up pace. However, they are still not out of the woods and it is extremely important to understand how to navigate the series of challenges ahead. One of these challenges is the convergence of online and offline retail, a challenge which puts the very future of physical stores in question. Online, any which ways, was a good place to be and due to COVID-19, there has been a constant shift towards online. Customers have moved to online in a big way because of various limitations and challenges.

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Nott adds that brands today are emphasizing more on information security. “What we used to do in a year, we are looking at doing it in a quarter because the revenues are going up for the brands and there is lot of data also which has been captured. We have seen that brands are selling more online, so we have launched a marketplace monitoring service. Apart from this, there is a way more emphasis on data security.”

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by Lazaro Sandoval, Senior Agricultural Attaché, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). Also pressing on the importance of leadership through crisis, sustainability and retail scenario post Covid-19 was addressed by Michael Duke, former CEO Wal-Mart.

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He generates livelihoods for over 25 women in the arid region of Thar and these women look forward to orders from Reliance Retail as they use this additional income for their family.

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